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Sunday, May 20, 2018

DOLCE & GABANNA Beauty "Italian Zest" Collection

One of the best parts of summer is trying out the special seasonal releases and mini-collections of my favorite fragrances and beauty brands.  It is the perfect time to wear a lighter, more airy version of winter’s headier scents, and to try makeup shades that are sexier, bolder, and suggest vacation mode rather than workday pro. 

The top of my list this year is the DOLCE & GABANNA limited edition beauty collection and fragrances for both men and women called Italian Zest, evoking the vibrant and colorful life of Italy’s coast.  Can’t you just smell the lemons and citrus, the salty sea air, and feel the wind in your hair when you see the new campaign? 

Shot in Capri with Sicilian model Gulia Maenza, the collection features bronzer and shimmer sticks, four mouth-watering lipstick shades, three metallic cream eye shadows, waterproof mascara, three nail lacquers in intense fruit colors, and the star, Italian Zest, the limited exclusive edition of their hero fragrance Light Blue.  

Needless to say I want it all and will no doubt have to stock pile these treats to use throughout the fall and winter when I need a sensory escape.  As an extra bit of fun, follow the link to play their Light Blue Italian Zest game by slicing fruit to reveal their special lemonade recipe.  Turn on your Italian classics playlist, put on your sunglasses, and live la done vita! 

Play the Light Blue Italian Zest game here:  Lemonade Game

To read more about the fragrances and beauty products, and to find your local retailer of the Italian Zest beauty collection click here:  Dolce & Gabbana Beauty and Fragrances

                                                                XOXO Shelley 

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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Business of Modeling: Rachel Comey Hosts Candid Conversation with the Model Alliance's Sara Ziff and Karen Elson

The fashion and modeling industry is experiencing a shift, partly as a result of the momentum of the #MeToo movement.  Fashion designer Rachel Comey hosted a forum with Model Alliance founder Sara Ziff and supermodel Karen Elson, with editors, agents, models and other designers to discuss the steps being taken to improve the working conditions of models throughout the industry and to highlight what still needs to be done going forward.

Established models and new faces alike need to understand their rights and how to have a voice within the industry.  The Model Alliance is a valuable resource to all models at every level of their career.  

Full story and discussion here:


Model Alliance:  www.modelalliance.org

                                            XOXO  Shelley

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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Business of Modeling: Dance Training Gives Models an Edge

It’s no secret that the best models know how to “move”, giving them a major advantage over others.  Models are not plastic mannequins, and simply relying on good genes and the creative efforts of others to make beautiful images isn’t going to make for a great career.

Models who have a background in dance or theatre tend to have more body awareness, are more likely to know how they are appearing in the shots, and are able to bring drama and personality to the images.  Runway comes easily to them since they know how to move fluidly and without awkwardness.  Girls with even some basic dance training bring life to the styling, and movement to their limbs and hair, creating drama and spirit.  Those who are animated and have good control of their actions are far more likely to be booked over a static, timid girl whose images are flat and boring.  

Dance training gives core strength, balance, endurance, and long, lena muscles.  And if you think these things don’t matter, try standing for hours in stilettos while stylists work on your clothes, assistants set the lights, editors and photographers do digitals and discuss the shots, - and then be asked to move and make magical images.  Supermodel Coco Rocha created a photo book entitled “Study of Pose: 1000 Poses”, the perfect guide for new faces to learn how to model gracefully, quickly, thoughtfully, and artistically. 

It is easy for a photographer to rein in a model if her action does not work for the shot or the styling, but extremely frustrating and annoying to waste time waiting for a model to wake up and come to life in front of the camera.  Models who rely on their faces alone will have a very short career.  Count on it.  Dance training also teaches great posture, shoulder placement, fluidity, how to give the appearance of mile long legs and arms, all while selling the garments with imagination and awareness of the final image.  And it’s FUN! Get some music going and practice! And do the same on set.  Standing still is boring after a while and keeping your energy and enthusiasm up is professional and expected, and if you do, there is a better chance you will be booked by these people again.  

Karlie Kloss at 6’2” is a great example of a model who rose above the rest by being bold and animated, quickly becoming a favorite of photographers and editors for her ability to breathe life into the images.  And that isn’t easy when you are tall, to avoid looking like you are not in control of your actions.  She knows exactly how her body looks to the camera and just how to make each outfit looking stunning in the most flattering, dynamic way.

Theatricality also includes your facial expressions and models who inject some personality into the photos with their face are far more likely to get top editorials over non-emotive models.  They know who to portray dreamy innocence, sensuality, joy and laughter, or strength.  The best models will become a character in their mind and have a story behind them so they can “act” with their expressions.  

There are models who are not traditionally beautiful, or tall, or lanky, who just knew how to play to the camera, to bring emotion to the images or runway, and turned that ability into extraordinary careers, just as there are stunning models who are shy and think it is enough to be beautiful, who never realize their potential and have short careers.  

At the same time, modeling is not dance and forced movements that look rehearsed can look awkward and not fluid enough for photography.  Don’t be shy on set and by all means ask the photographer what they are going for in the shots, and become a part of the creative process, not a hinderance, or worse, disappointing.  Being a new model is not an excuse.  Practice makes perfect, so sign up for ballet barre classes, or jazz, or hip hop, and learn how to MOVE. You will be a better, more successful model for it. 

                                                               XOXO Shelley

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Sunday, April 29, 2018

The Best New Summer Beauty Products for The Perfect Travel Destination Looks

Summer is nearly here and holidays are just around the corner. Chances are you are booking your tickets for your dream vacation whether it is to a far-flung corner of the earth, or somewhere close to home.  The preparation is often as inspiring as the actual destination.  You’ve planned your outfits down to the last accessory and now you need to sort out your beauty kit so you only take what you need and don’t find yourself with the wrong products.  Actually, vacation time is the perfect opportunity to try out a new look, to experiment with either less or more than you would usually wear, and to have some fun with your beauty routine.  Maybe you want to have a quick, simplified, versatile look so you don’t waste precious holiday time in front of a mirror, or perhaps you want to look like you are a seasoned travel pro who knows exactly the best look to blend in with the locals. 
Whatever your motivation or destination there are amazing new products that will be fun to use and have your out the door in no time at all looking absolutely gorgeous.  Here are my top picks to pack - let’s go! 

                                                                  All products available at Sephora.com

                                                                 XOXO Shelley

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Saturday, April 21, 2018

A Model's Secrets: How To Treat Large Pores

Spring is the time of year we want to reveal our skin, wear less makeup (or at least look like it), and have a healthy glow to our complexion.  One of the biggest concerns is large pores around the t-zone area of the nose, forehead, chin and especially the inner cheek areas, making it difficult to apply makeup and keep it in place, and being notoriously difficult to conceal. 

Pores encircle tiny hair follicles allowing the release of oils, cooling the skin.  There are several factors which cause enlarged pores and identifying their cause helps to know what to do to minimize them.  Genetics are a major cause and are passed down through generations.  Thicker skin has more difficulty releasing oils and sebum through the pores and will easily clog and become congested, causing  blackheads. Irritation can also cause stress on the skin resulting in larger pores.  Oil and dirt can settle into the pores, clogging and putting stress on them.  Aging skin begins to slow production of collagen and elastin, causing the skin’s elasticity to weaken and stretch the pores open.  Sun damage has the same effect.  

There are ways to treat and minimize enlarged pores, revealing a healthier, younger complexion, and more even skin tone.  Start now and your skin will be glowing in not time, leaving winter skin far behind.  Here are my top step by step product choices to shrink pores:

Cleanse:  Tata Harper Purifying Cleanser  - gentle and clarifying cleanser to remove all makeup, pollution and oils; use morning and evening. 

Treatment Mask:  Boscia Luminizing Black Charcoal Mask - peel off mask that removes blackheads and oil using activated charcoal; use twice per week.

Alpha Lipoic Acid and DMAE: Perricone MD Intensive Pore Minimizer  - gently exfoliates and tightens pores; use one cotton ball soaked in product after cleansing, both morning and evening.

Anti-oxidant serum:  Skin Inc. Vitamin C Serum Rebalance & Tackle Pores - vitamin C, vitamin B6, and vitamin E have anti-inflammatory properties that calm and protect, while increasing collagen production to strengthen skin; apply two to three drops twice daily before moisturizer

Retinol:  Dermadoctor Picture Porefect - specifically formulated to treat enlarged pores and refine skin tone; apply twice daily before moisturizer, being certain to wear a high SPF sunscreen to protect treated skin from sunburn.

 All products available at Sephora.com

    XOXO Shelley

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Friday, April 13, 2018

Industry Powerhouse Seeks to Improve Standards for the Business of Modeling

Read full article at the link above.

Industry changes are happening, albeit very slowly, to improve the working conditions and standards of modeling and on-set life, and now actions are being taken by industry powerhouses to address the issues of payment and non-payment of models.  

It is common for models to be nearly always in debt to their agencies, or in a holding pattern to be paid for work they have done.  Agencies charge for expenses that are often not accounted for with receipts for the model and withhold pay for ninety days or longer after a job, oftentimes putting the model in a vulnerable financial position which removes all power she has over her career and relationship with the agency.  It can be much worse for foreign models who are away from home and family, and who have a language barrier.  

To be clear, agents send invoices to clients the day a job is completed, and demand payment within one week if not sooner.  They then use that money to cover the agency overhead such as salaries and operating expenses.  When the model requests her fee she is told that the client hasn’t paid, and the agency will delay for three or more months before making any payment to the model.  After they take their percentage and the model’s owed expenses such as for rent, comp cards, and travel, the model may receive a payment.  Sometimes models are told that they have so much debt with the agency that they will not be paid at all.  Models are often made to feel like they have no right to ask for their earnings, and that they should not expect receipts for billed expenses.  The agency has complete control over the model’s financial situation which in turn means where she lives, where she travels for work, and her budget for food, and transportation.  

The industry has gone unchecked or monitored for decades and these sort of payment practices are not acceptable today.  The industry is dated in its treatment of its workers, and the time has come for regulation.  Freelance does not mean free. Agents do not work for free, and neither do models. 

Please seek advice through www.modelalliance.org to know your rights, to be informed, and to ask for legal help for any modeling industry issues you are experiencing. 

                                                        XOXO Shelley

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Saturday, April 7, 2018

Festival Season Beauty - Time to Shine

Festival season is almost here and it’s high time to kiss winter goodbye and let your wild child shine.  And shine is an understatement this year.  The best beauty looks will be creative, colorful, and high on the glitter factor.  

The key looks have holographic qualities, using a rainbow of colors that are meant to be other-worldly.  The opposite of minimalism, go for bright shades, worn all together, and top them off with shine and glitter, including your hair.  

Many brands have created festival kits for both beauty and hair with all you need to create ethereal mermaid looks and unicorn hair.  Check out sephora.com to find kits that have everything you need in portable sizes.  

Be yourself, be unique and create your own stand out beauty looks. When else can you totally throw out all the beauty rules and have this much fun with makeup?  

                                                             XOXO Shelley

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Saturday, March 31, 2018

Hair Sheets: Convenient, On-The-Go Hair Solutions

While dry shampoo has become a hair care staple, there are times when carrying around a small aerosol can is not convenient, or in the case of air travel, not possible.  Convenient towelettes offer the perfect solution to a multitude of hair issues on the go and are portable and disposable. 

Winter hats and dry heat can make static buildup, and it’s no secret that an anti-static dryer sheet rubbed across that hair eliminates the fly-aways.  But what about other hair issues like an oily buildup, frizzies from humidity, and oder from food or smoke?  There are several different hair sheets that address these various concerns, leaving less residue and weight than dry shampoo, giving hair a lift.

I tend to get an oily area at the crown of my hair while the rest of my hair is normal, so I like oil absorbing products that work like face blotting papers, only much more effectively, eliminating the oil so I can style it.  Sometimes after a blow dry my hair lacks shine, but adding a shine product can be heavy on my fine hair.  Gently running a lightly moistened towelette infused with shea butter or lavender oil from the middle of my hair shafts down to the ends eliminates fly-aways and makes it shine.  Those whose hair easily gets frizzy in humid conditions should use sheets that create a barrier on the hair to block out moisture.  

Try these sheets for quick hair fixes between work and an evening out, post workout, after a hair style destroying flight, or just to extend the time between normal washing.  

                                                             XOXO Shelley

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Saturday, March 24, 2018

Say Goodbye to Dry: Hydrating Treatments to Prep Skin for Spring

Winter seems to have missed the memo that spring officially began last week.  The unrelenting snow, wind, and cold have taken there toll on our complexion leaving it dry, sensitive, and as far from glowing as you can get.  Not to mention that skin in this condition makes applying and blending makeup a real challenge.  Just when you are so ready to bare some skin you realize that it’s time for some serious hydration and TLC.

Look for masks, serums, boosters, and products that contain hyaluronic acid to deeply penetrate skin’s layers, plumping them up with moisture and hydration, and creating barrier to seal in that extra moisture.  Use hydrating masks at least twice a week, and serums, boosters, and hyaluronic acid daily, and before you know it your skin will be moist, less red, and will bounce back when you touch it.  

Skin this moist is in the perfect condition for light-weight foundations, self-tanners, glow products, and multi-use sticks for blush, lips, and highlights.  Start now and when spring finally arrives and the days get warmer, your skin will be ready to glow.  Try these highly-rated products, and don’t forget to feed your skin from the inside by drinking lots of H2O.

                                                             All products available at Sephora.com 

                                                                                    XOXO Shelley

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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Warming Trend: Desert Hues are the New Nude

The nude makeup palette is still going strong but it is evolving and changing in line with the season.  Spring and summer’s new nude is inspired by the desert’s warm, deep sunsets, terra-cotta earth, and golden tones.  

Contour takes a back seat to well-blended bronzers and highlighters.  Start with self tanner if your complexion is pale. (Note: you need to use self tanner all over your neck, d├ęcolletage,  and shoulders so you don’t look like you are wearing a mask.)  Follow up with a bronzer that gives a warm flush and apply it right into the hairline.  

Use a highlighter on your temples, along the top outer edges of your cheekbones, down the center of your nose, the center of your chin, and a tiny bit in your cupid’s bow of you upper lip.  You don’t want to look like you are trying to glow in the dark, so start with a light touch of highlighter and build it up gradually. 

Go for the desert equivalent of the smokey eye using warm sunset hues and coppery tones, well blended and applied on both the top and the bottom eyelids.  Use a dark matte crayon liner to define the eye, rather than a precise liquid liner.  Frame the eye with a well-groomed brow to really draw attention and complete this dramatic look.  

A deep nude lip works best for each version of the desert palette.  Whether you are wearing a monochrome look for day, or a stronger sunset look for evening choose a lip shade that is slightly darker than your own lip color in a semi-matte finish.  

These shades are the perfect warming trend for spring and summer beauty, and depending on how liberally you apply the products, these desert hues can take you from work to weekend.  Consider it the easy version of the nude palette: just keep blending and don’t be afraid to use your fingers to achieve the perfect sun-kissed “I just came back from vacation” look.  

*** All products available at Sephora

                                                             XOXO Shelley

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